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Name:- Swapnil C. Ghanekar MMS 1 Roll no. 9008

1.What are the attributes one must work on while working in a team ?



Reliable:- The good team member can be counted on. She or he meets deadlines and is on time. Complements Others’ Skills:- An important characteristic of effective work teams is the shared capacity. Every member has areas of strength and some weak spots. A good team member provides some unique skills and/or knowledge that move the team forward.


Fair:- A good team member takes appropriate credit, but would never think of taking credit for someone else’s work.


Good Communication Skills:- Teamwork is social, so good team members need to be skilled, and tactful, communicators


Positive Attitude:- No one would ever follow a pessimistic leader, and the same goes for team members. A positive, “can-do” attitude is critical for the good team member.


Integrity :- A good team member is up front. He/she doesn’t play games, or lead others on. You can count on a good team member to tell you what’s what, regardless of whether it is good news or bad news.


Division Of Work:- A good team member does his or her fair share of the work. There is a sense of equity and fairness in the good team member. A sense of equity is critically important for team members’ collective motivation.

2. Why was team one successful?  The team of students was successful in developing a quality product, as well as being co operative. Team meetings were always friendly and everyone were used to give respect to each others decisions, and at no stage the team issues were discussed as a major problem. The team member were always focused on their work and were also developing the new techniques for development that could be improved by exploring expectations of the tutor, client and end users. An analysis of the data collected from this team indicated that they showed the attributes needed for successful teamwork. First team was led by a senior, who himself selected the team by analyzing everyone’s strengths, qualities, weakness and skills and they also helped each other and worked towards achieving the common goals of their team without any mutual interest. They were always focused on their work rather than solving discrepancy.

3. Have you ever been part of an unsuccessful team ? f yes then what problems did you Face?  Yes, I have been a part of an unsuccessful team in my degree college where I was a part of event committee of my college and was asked to work on various events. Among those event we were asked to be the pioneer and start the intercollegiate fest of our college and for that our batch was given the opportunity for same. But everyone had their own point of view and no one was ready to step back and listen others views due to which there were lots of clashes, ego issues and we were not able to work together so then we had to take our faculty as mediator between but then also same problems arised and mediators were also not able to collaborate our views and finally which lead to cancellation of out event.

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